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Adults and Young adults 

I offer both facetoface or online sessions.  My approach is person-centered and solution focused.   I offer a safe, confidential, non-judgmental empathic therapeutic environment for clients to explore ways to enhance their well-being. I support your personal development, your life transitions and your adjustment to difficult circumstances. Therapy can provide a valuable opportunity to gain new insights and learn new skills so that you feel more empowered to cope with the challenges you may be facing.  Therapy sessions are designed to strengthen your confidence and assist in your holistic development and growth. Depending on your need, therapy can either be short or long term.


Play Therapy will help your child prevent or resolve emotional and social difficulties and encourage his/her optimal growth and development. Children express themselves through play.  Using play, children are often able to act out, explore and resolve the experiences that are causing them upset or pain.  Through role modelling, painting, story-telling, playdough modeling they find outlets for their anger, sadness or fear. As a parent you play an important role in supporting your child through the therapy process and feedback/parental guidance sessions will be booked as needed. The length of a therapy process varies depending on the needs of your child. Each child is viewed holistically and their relationships and environment are taken into consideration.  


It is quite common for teenagers to experience difficulties relating to self-esteem, identity, communication, regulating emotions and navigating friendships.  The therapeutic process focusses on empowering your teenager to manage her/his emotions more effectively, strengthen interpersonal skills and clarify her/his personal values and goals. There will be an initial intake session with parents. For the next three to four sessions, your child will meet with me individually.  Thereafter, there will be feedback to discuss recommendations for therapy.  Therapy can be short or longer term, depending on the need.  The teenager is viewed holistically and their relationships and environment are taken into consideration.