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A 50-minute session costs R1200

I am contracted into most medical aids. My accountant can be contacted at and she can answer enquiries in this regard.

The medical aid, if there are fees for psychology available will pay according to their decided rates. There is in general, a small excess amount that is payable by clients.

Some conditions that are treated fall under the Prescribed Minimum Benefits. Theses are conditions that the Medical Schemes Acts compels all medical funders to pay for. If you are unsure whether your condition is covered under this law, please read carefully the information available on the website of the Council for Medical Schemes at http/www.medicalsche,

I meet with you as parents and have an initial hour intake session to get all relevant information to formulate the assessment.

In general, I assess your child over 2 days, each session approximately an hour and a half. If it is decided to assess your child’s concentration the attention assessment of approximately 45 minutes is done in the afternoon.

I score all the tests and integrate all the information and schedule an hour feedback session with you approximately 2 weeks after I completed the assessment.

An assessment is charged according to the contact time. Your child’s work speed will play a role in the length of the assessment. A full assessment which includes the intake and feedback session with you as parents takes approximately 5 hours. The entire assessment costs approximately R6000.

Not included in this amount is the report which costs R2200.

Certain medical aids pay for the assessment sessions. It is recommended that you contact your medical aid in advance to determine the benefits available to you.
Please note that the report is not covered by your medical aid.

When I do an educational assessment, I prefer to work closely with the professional team that is involved in supporting your child. On the request of the parents, I will make contact with teachers, doctors and other professionals.

After the initial intake session, we will discuss a therapy plan and a propose number of anticipated sessions moving forward. The length of therapy varies depending on the presenting problem and goals of therapy. Medium-term therapy typically lasts around 12-15 sessions.