Parental Guidance Program

Often the child can be better served if his/her parents can be guided how to engage with their children’s difficulties and behavior in a slightly different way. Certain changes in the family can be made to improve the well-being of the child and the family unit.  The parental program is formulated around the needs of the parents and the individual family unit.  The process, in general looks as follows: 

  1. An initial intake session with the parents where I gain information to formulate the parenting program according to your needs and requests. The program consist of approximately 4-6 sessions in which different areas are addressed and the parents are guided with regards to practical steps they can trial/ practice at home. 
  2. Session Two addresses four areas to ensure effective communication with your child: fun, structure, discipline and empathy (active listening method).  These areas are dependent on the child’s age, gender and family structure.
  3. During Session Three various communication methods with the specific needs of your child get discussed. 
  4. Session Four addresses the importance of rituals and the influence your own framework of parenting has on your current parenting.
  5. Parents often request to complete a personality questionnaire (Myers-Briggs personality test) to identify how their unique personality type might influence their parenting.  The results get discussed during Session Five.

Again, it is important to keep in mind the program and process is formulated around the specific needs of the parents, child and family unit.    The program can therefore range between two to six sessions.  On request of the parents intermittent followup sessions can be scheduled.