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Psycho-educational assessments are formulated on a child or teenagers’ specific context and needs.  In general, the process presents as follows: 

  1. Intake meeting with parents to gather relevant background information and recommend which assessment procedure will best suit the child’s or teenager’s needs. 
  2. The assessment is then scheduled and may take place over 2-3 days; each session’s duration approximately an hour and half. I test a child or teenager’s cognitive ability (WISC IQ test), scholastic functioning in reading, written expression and mathematics (WIAT III test) and if needed, concentration (TEA*Ch test). 
  3. Collateral information may be gathered, with the parents’ consent, from teachers and integrated people to create a global picture of the child’s functioning.
  4. The assessment is processed, the results analyzed and a feedback session is scheduled, approximately 2 weeks from the last assessment date, to discuss the outcome and relevant recommendations. 
  5. On the request of the parents, a school meeting and/or telephonic feedback session with the relevant professional(s) might be scheduled. 
  6. On the request of the parents, a comprehensive report is written which will be sent to the parents.


*Test of Everyday Attention